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Get to Know Me!

After facing a challenging marriage and seeking a fresh start, I left Earth behind and found solace among the stars as a space pilot for Nozama Lightspeed Deliveries. Working as a pilot, I navigate through the vastness of space, delivering packages to distant planets, exploring uncharted territories, and dealing with space static. My commission-based exploration role allows me to delve into unexplored realms, uncovering hidden treasures and share my exciting discoveries with you!


Despite my demanding profession, I longed for an outlet to express my creativity and connect with others who shared my interests. So I turned to Vtubing as a means to share those passions and insights with the world. Dealing with space static influences my creativity, it causes multiple dimensions and allows me to express myself in different ways depending on the weather. Due to space static, I can represent a fusion of my real-world physical presence and the virtual entity I embody.


Outside of gaming and art, I use my platforms to raise awareness about mental health and emotional well-being. Drawing from my own experiences, I like to promote self-care and the importance of finding balance between the virtual and real world. I want to encourage my viewers to embrace their passions, explore the unknown and reach for the stars while prioritizing their mental and emotional well-being. I hope my insights and advice are filled with empathy and understanding, and convey how one can triumph over personal struggles and emerge stronger.


I have a loyal companion on my interstellar adventures too! My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, he's a faithful and adorable companion that often makes appearances during my streams. Twilight’s playful antics and heartwarming presence add an extra dose of joy to my content, hopefully making making my streams even more endearing to others. He also acts as a walkie talkie when I have friends call in, don’t ask. Ha!


Through my virtual and physical persona, I want to bring joy, entertainment, and a touch of artistic inspiration to viewers. I want to celebrate the transformative power of creativity and self-expression, encouraging others to explore new horizons and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

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