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  • Earth Bounder

    You just want to be part of the action! You can always upgrade later!
    Free Plan
    • Create your profile!
  • Planetary Pilots

    Every month
    Hey, dip your toes into the club and get some basic goodies!
     7 day free trial
    • Everything from the previous levels
    • Special thank you!
    • Exclusive Discord channel access
    • Special library of video featuring Alex EXP & The Lakehouse
    • Collectable digital postcard library access
  • Cosmic Cadets

    Every month
    Welcome aboard, Cosmic Cadets! This is where your stellar journey begins.
     7 day free trial
    • Everything from the pervious level
    • Early access on updates
    • Access to Discord server
    • Subscriber special quiz
  • Galactic Explorers

    Every month
    Access to a galaxy of exciting benefits and exclusive content!
     14 day free trial
    • Everything from the previous levels
    • BANNED YouTube Videos & Livestreams
    • Telepathy with Twilight The Corgi
    • Special ASMR voice clips library
  • Star Bound Squadron

    Every month
    Unlock the Universe!
     30 day free trial
    • Everything from the previous levels
    • Ad-free viewing on Twitch (after trial period ends)
    • Dinner Day event w/Morrachi
    • Power to vote on what happens next month
    • Name on start screen of livestreams under Starbound Squadron
    • 10% off in Morrachi's Shop
    • Special art gallery updated monthly
    • One physical postcard mailed to you (1 per member only)
  • Outer Limits Astronaut

    Every month
    You’re the top dog of this exploration
    • Everything from the previous levels
    • You want to support me.
    • Name on start screen during livestream under Outer Limits
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