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Chapter 1-ish:
Space Delivery Lady

*Manga reads right to left.

In the vast expanse of space, a cargo spaceship cruised through the starlit darkness. Its sleek form was illuminated by distant celestial bodies. Through the immense windows, glimpsing into the ship's interior, revealing a woman sitting at a desk. The soft glow of monitors cast a bluish hue on her face as she focused on the task before her.


Zooming in, the details became clearer. The lady sat before three monitors, her hands moving in animated conversation as if engaged in a lively discussion. She was recording herself, her gestures and expressions vivid. The camera captured her words, "Thank you for joining me on my Vlog today!"


She leaned back in her chair, a satisfied smile gracing her features. "Whew!" she sighed. A glisten of sweat adorned her forehead, testimony to her efforts.


She noticed me capturing her surprise as she looked my way. With a charming quirk, she greeted me. "Oh! Hello there! I’m Morrachi. You may have seen me on social media. I see you broke into my hologram display. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble… you’re not even the first!" she chuckled. 


Morrachi traversed a hallway within the spaceship, her movements graceful despite the weightlessness of the environment. She propelled herself along now that the simulated gravity was off.


"My main job involves making deliveries for people," she said. "All sorts of stuff. Sometimes, piloting through space feels like an exhilarating adventure."


"But amidst these long flights, I find solace in vlogging my hobbies," she continued. "It can get a bit lonely out here, you know." An array of items floated around her, each sparkling with its own allure. A game controller, crafting supplies, and drawing materials danced in the weightless atmosphere, a testament to Morrachi's multifaceted interests. She winked at me. 


In a heartwarming moment, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi wiggle swam into the hallway. His fluffy rump acted like a propeller filling the room with his undeniable cuteness.


"Although, I did get to bring my trusty dog, Twilight," Morrachi revealed with a fond smile.


Twilight was surrounded by an inexplicable buzz suddenly, his form intermittently obscured by static. An onomatopoeic "buzz" accentuated the anomaly, leaving us to ponder what was happening to him.


"Twilight's been acting rather strange lately," Morrachi admitted, her voice tinged with concern.


“ANYWAY…" she ushered me into the cargo hold, a vast warehouse-like space within the ship. Morrachi stood there, her expression tinged with sarcasm as she posed a question.


"This week, I've got a sizable order to deliver to sector Java," she teased. "Care to take a guess what I’m delivering?"


I leaned to the side looking behind her. A mountain of burlap bags, securely tied and teetering. The word "BEANS" was inscribed vertically on each bag offering a humorous answer to Morrachi's query.


Over Morrachi's shoulder, I observed her reviewing the cargo, clipboard in hand. "Alright, let's check if everything's here," Morrachi mused, her gaze shifting towards her hand. A puzzled expression dawned upon her, accompanied by an inquisitive  "HU?" The edges of the clip board seemed jagged, as if reality itself was being disrupted by static interference.


The glitch like static began to consume her surroundings, akin to water splashing on a computer screen. The onomatopoeic "CRACK" and "BIZZZZZ" embodied the disarray. Upon closer inspection of her hand,   a jarring revelation, Morrachi's hand transformed entirely. 


Before the space static transformation, Morrachi's hand bore the appearance of a digital construct, resembling intricate lines of luminous ink etched onto a canvas of light. However, as the space static transformation unfolded, Morrachi's hand underwent a metamorphosis that defied the boundaries of the digital realm. The lines of ink transformed into tangible, flesh-like matter, each one materializing into a delicate, porcelain-like texture. The pulsating light softened, giving way to a warmth reminiscent of living flesh, while maintaining a faint, otherworldly glow that hinted at the cosmic origin of her transformation.


The transition brought with it a sensation of profound connection to both the virtual and physical realms—a fusion of her digital identity and the organic essence of being human. Morrachi's hand, once a mesmerizing work of art in the digital realm, now held the intricate details and complexity of real-life skin and tissue, blending the beauty of the cosmic with the tangible reality of her newfound form.


In the face of this astonishing alteration, Morrachi exclaimed in disbelief, her voice carrying a mix of awe and frustration. "What the hell is this?"

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