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Chapter 5:
Ships Away!

The ship roared with a tremendous quake, this was like nothing she had seen before, she could tell there was massive power behind this ship. An alert sounded over the intercom to Morrachi. The voice announced her first test, “Micro-Asteroid Field Maneuver.””What? What does that even mean?!” she thought to herself. The disembodied voice continued, “This first challenge involves navigating the ship through a densely packed micro-asteroid field. Please proceed.” “Holy crap!” she sputtered as she lifted the ship into the sky out to space.  She made it to the tiny space rock field that posed a significant threat to the ship's integrity. Facing the reality that she really could die if she made a terrible mistake she shook her body and steadied herself. “Think Morrachi!” she muttered. The rocks were everywhere! With laser focus she employed sharp reflexes and precise control to weave the ship through the hazardous terrain, avoiding collisions and damage. The short test was no more than a few miles long, but extremely difficult. Surprisingly, she managed to miss most of the micro-asteroids. She was sweating by the end of the test, but still intact! “Your test was successful, you may move to the next,” the voice said.


An alarm sounded with a beep, the voice spoke, “Your next mission is ‘Space Debris Cleanup.’ 

In this scenario, you will be tasked with a simulated space debris cleanup operation.” She turned on the ship's scanners to identify a cluster of space debris that posed a risk to other vessels.When she found it she had to deploy the ship's robotic arm to carefully capture and secure each piece of debris without causing further damage to the other vessels. This was not particularly difficult or exciting for her, but she completed the task and was shuffled on to the next. “Wow, maybe I am good at this?” she touted.


Out of seemingly nowhere a piercing noise “EMERGENCY EVACUATION zzzz… SIMULAaaaaaaTIOooooooN” the voice drowned as it fizzled out. The sirens blared relentlessly as the ship trembled violently, lurching from side to side. With a sudden jolt, the emergency lights flickered on, casting an eerie glow across the control room. A gust of air pushed her violently into her seat. Gasping for air she hissed, "Airlock…!" 


Struggling against the gale-force winds whipping through the ship, Morrachi hurriedly made her way towards the airlock. Her heart raced, she clung to every handle and steadied her way to the panels. She knew there wasn't a moment to lose. With each grasp of the handle, she could feel the pull of the vacuum beyond the now-opened airlock.


The gusts of wind threatened to throw her off as she reached for the emergency panel. Clenching her teeth and steading herself against the force of the turbulence, Morrachi's fingers danced across the controls. She fought against the torrential flow, desperately trying to seal the breached airlock.


"Come on, come on!" she muttered, her voice almost lost amid the chaos. Finally, with a resounding beep, the airlock sealed shut, cutting off the howling vacuum outside. Gasping for breath, Morrachi slouched against the control panel.


"Status report!" she called out, hoping for a response from the voice. But silence echoed through the ship. This felt familiar, she waited a minute. It felt like an eternity. Zzzzzz… Then suddenly the voice! “This scenario tested your ability to remain composed in high-stress situations. You have passed.” Morrachi, feeling overwhelmed, laid on the floor of the ship for a moment. “Thanks…” she replied somewhat monotone. “Holy Hannah…”


The tests continued one after another; Orbital Docking Challenge, Astro-Navigation Puzzle, Solar Flare Evasion, they were brutal trials aimed at weeding out any incompetence. Drawing from her rigorous training, she made quick, calculated decisions in the face of unexpected challenges. The control room, filled with a dazzling array of buttons and displays, no longer felt overwhelming. It was as if she and the ship were in perfect harmony, seamlessly responding to her commands. Her connection with the vessel deepened with every maneuver she executed, and her confidence soared.


The exam flight became more than just a test; it was a profound journey of self-discovery and a showcase of her exceptional skills. Morrachi's years of relentless hard work and unwavering resilience had not been in vain. She navigated the ship through a series of complex scenarios, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and an innate ability to solve problems under pressure.


As she piloted the ship through the final phase of the exam, a sense of accomplishment washed over her. She had not only proven her competence as a delivery pilot but had also discovered an unshakable confidence within herself. Her success was a testament to her dedication and the unyielding spirit that had driven her to this point.


Upon her return to the company's office, the manager who had initially mistaken her for a pilot greeted her with applause and admiration. They had witnessed Morrachi's incredible journey from uncertainty to triumph. She had not only passed the test but had done so with flying colors, earning the respect of those around her.


As she stood in the control room, surrounded by the advanced technology that had once seemed daunting, Morrachi couldn't help but feel a profound sense of accomplishment. She was so overwhelmed she began to cry. The walls appeared to whisper the secrets of her extraordinary journey, reminding her that she was now part of a world of endless possibilities in the delivery service industry. This was just the beginning of her remarkable career, and the future held even more exciting adventures.


However, she made a huge mistake. A man stomped in the room furious at the fast talking man, “This is not the applicant you were supposed to test!” “But Sir,” the fast talker replied, “this is the only applicant that had arrived on time. We waited, but no one besides her showed up.” It sounded as if this was supposed to be a group test. “My nephew was supposed to get this job!” barked the furious man. “Well, I don’t see him. Do you?!” snarked the fast talker. They began to bicker and stomped down the hall.  Morrachi was pretty nervous and left to her own devices. “Okay… Is anyone here?” 


A small lady who looked to be about 70 rounded the corner of a mirrored wall. She was about half Morrachi’s height and had a grandmotherly aura. “Hello!” she said in a graveled yet high pitched voice. “I am the head of pilots and administrator of the test. We like to take our time to review how applicants react to uncertain environments as you may have noticed. Well, you were our only show for the job and you seem to have exceptional skills for piloting. Normally, we’d have the applicants compete. So we will extend the offer to you. The only problem is that I do not see your application here.” Morrachi looked at her and explained from the moment she arrived until now. “I see, well, would you prefer to pursue the Project Manager position? We’ll gladly take you here instead.” Morrachi’s heart skipped a beat and she took the woman’s hands in her own and shook them, “Oh my word! Not a chance! I’ll take the job!” 

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